Start Selling! – from Real-Chat

Start selling and process orders on Shoplus, your smart and friendly AI-Assistant for your online business from messenger chatbot.


Order Confirmation via Facebook Messenger

  • Confirm your order using the keywords sited above and get your order bill instantly straight in your Facebook messenger!
  • These set of keywords will trigger Shoplus system to send customer’s order bill automatically. 


Create Bill System

Shoplus App Version

  1. Customer confirms order with the use of create bill keywords to trigger Shoplus system to send bill automatically.
  2. Shoplus system will auto-track customer information.
  3. Manage customer’s orders.
  4. Send order confirmation to customer. 


Shoplus Desktop Version

  • To install the system, go to “Extension” menu and click “Install Now” (make sure that you are using Google Chrome as your web browser).

  • Click “Add to Chrome” button.

  • Click “Shoplus Icon” found on the top right of web browser menu bar > then click “Login with Facebook.”


To use the system, go to your business/fan page “Inbox”

  1. Seller can click Shoplus icon to create order and Shoplus system will auto-track customer’s information.
  2. Select and manage customer’s order
  3. Shoplus system to send order confirmation to customer instantly on their Facebook messenger.