Start Selling! – from Live

Shoplus Live Selling feature comes with an Auto-Detection system that can automatically detects comments of customers’ with buying intents through its advanced AI technology.


Start Selling from Live

To start: Open Facebook App and go to the business or fan page that you want to do the Live Selling.



Seller’s Side

Add Products +Product Codes (via Shoplus App)

  • Ongoing live selling session posted on your Facebook business/fan page will be shown on your Shoplus App.
  • Enable “Auto Detect” feature to capture buying intents.
  • Add products that you want to sell on the live together with product codes and prices.
  • Product codes will be used for the auto-detect feature.
  • Once the comment matched a certain product code/keyword, seller will see the green check box.


Add Products +Product Codes (via Shoplus OMS)

From your Shoplus OMS > Go to “Lives” > Click “Add” button

  • Enter product code, price, inventory and product name.

  • Enable “Auto Detect” feature to capture buying intents with the use of set product codes or keywords


Buyer’s Side


Turn Comments into Orders

  • Managing orders has never been this easy! While seller is doing the live selling event, page admins can monitor comments real-time. 
  • Page admins and moderators can turn comments into orders in Shoplus Order Management System (OMS).


Send Bill Notifications

  • Send bill after live selling event in just one click!
  • Buyers with comments that has been detected with buying intents will receive the bill via their Facebook messenger.