AI Solution for Social Commerce

Shoplus is an AI social selling service tailored for social commerce merchants. We process buying intent from comments into orders with AI-detect integrated with FB messenger chatbot. Plus, Shoplus order management system with fulfillment and shipment, we turn your social traffic into an online-shop. 

Do less and sell more with Shoplus.

Shoplus AI-Messenger Chatbot Helps you boost up your Sales

Shoplus AI social selling solution can automatically capture buying intention from comments and messages, contact the buyers simultaneously during Live-selling or product post. Here are the 8 different scenarios for Shoplus AI-chatbot tailored for the social commerce usage.

 Let’s check them out.

Shoplus AI-Chatbot Auto Reply Scenarios

1. Product Details Confirmation

Ask buyers to confirm the product details with price and variant before they check out 

2. Ask Payment Methods

Check with buyers for their payment preference.

3. Ask Buyer's Receiver Information

Once buyers confirm the order and settle the payment, chatbot will collect the receiver’s information such as name, phone number and address. 

4. Bill / Invoice Notification

Buyer will receive a notification for the bill or invoice with order details and payment option.

5. Payment Reminder

The seller can filter all unpaid orders and can send a payment reminder in just one-click.

6. Received Payment Auto Reply

With AI-payslip detection, chatbot will process the order to the next step. No payment, no next process.

7. Parcel Pick Up notification

With the selected logistic partner, once the parcel has been picked up and delivered, chatbot will auto update the order status.

8. Fulfillment Notification

Once the parcel has been scanned,  chatbot will update the status of the parcel including its tracking number.