Step 1 Step 1
Step 1

Create Sell Post and Customer comment to order

Step 2 Step 2
Step 2

Shoplus collect the orders automatically

Step 3 Step 3
Step 3

Manage all the Selling process in one place

Hire a chatbot to Manage Orders for you

  • Auto private reply customers' comments
  • Collect customers' shipping info in Messenger
  • Auto notify your customers order tracking and shipping updates

Manage all selling process at one place

  • Add multiple fanpages to your sales channel
  • confirm order, payment, shipping notification at Shoplus dashboard

Selling on Facebook with Shoplus Live Auction apps

  • Live Auctions via streaming to direct sale to your customers on Facebook Pages
  • Collect bids from customer comments automatically
  • Manage bids while Facebook Live Auction is running
  • Collect orders from auction winners automatically
  • Available on Android/iOS

App (iOS/Android) Coming Soon…

[Announcement] Some temporary changes on Shoplus features are made against the recent Facebook privacy scandal. For more info, please read our blog post.